SiLA Browser

UniteLabs developed a free tool, SiLA 2 Browser, to discover and control any SiLA 2 compatible instrument in the network from a web browser. By following the instructions, you can install the server software on your computer, after which you can control any local instrument from your tablet, phone or laptop. If you’re not sure which instruments are supported, have a look at the list of available drivers.

SiLA 2 Browser helps you:
  • Instantly experience the benefits of SiLA 2
  • Control multiple instruments remotely from a single user interface
  • Help developing and debugging your own SiLA 2 servers

Download SiLA Browser

Simply start the jar with java -jar sila_browser.jar -p [port_number]
Then access the website via http://localhost:[port_number]/",
you can also see the arguments by providing -h.

Download Code Generator

Input the Feature Definition File and out comes the proto:
java -jar [path_to_xml] [path_to_proto]