On-demand automation

Automation solutions powered by UniteFlow are modular. This means you can independently mix and match instruments from different vendors to create customised setups. 

Robotic lab assistant is an automation tool that you can re-purpose independently to new challenges without changes to your current laboratory infrastructure. Developed with Astech Projects, it allows for round-the-clock operation and maximum flexibility in automating the widest variety of tasks.

Core benefits


Build your own automation setups and change it as your application and priorities evolve

Transport across labs

Move the consumables or samples from storage to preparation and analysis

Ready 24/7

Keep your lab running during off hours and break free from 9-to-5 work routine


Affordable, easy to operate, deployed quickly and controlled from any device

Would you like one for your lab?

Self-driving lab robots interest group

Together with several companies in Pharma and Diagnostics, we have created the self-driving lab robots interest group. This is a forum to exchange lessons and use cases and build mobile automation solutions. Are you interested? Join us by filling the form.