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Data enables science.
We enable data.

What we do

UniteLabs is building a digital infrastructure for labs that connects all entities in life science R&D to enable complete data capture and automation for increased scientific throughput.

Digitalization is about people

UniteLabs connects everyone in the laboratory for collaboration. Use our cloud platform to design protocols, simulate experiment execution, and share results with colleagues. While you’re in the lab, the human & machine-readable protocol will either guide you every step of the way or automate your work altogether. Either way, all actions in the labs are traced and results automatically uploaded to the cloud making lost data a thing of the past - even the one that you didn’t know you needed.

We provide the digital infrastructure for the lab of the future

Based on our next-gen device integration & driver platform, adding a device is as easy as clicking a button, saving countless hours and money on integration projects. When you’re back at the desk, everything you did is documented and it is up to you to connect the dots with the help of our smart data visualisation. We provide the digital infrastructure for the lab of the future.

We want digital transformation that keeps the human in the loop and in control

  • Protocols are often messy, incomprehensible by man or machine, or up for interpretation.
  • Detailed documentation is time-consuming, error-prone and under some circumstances just not feasible.
  • Capturing and homogenizing data across multiple sources requires time that should be spent on more meaningful tasks.
  • The lab is an agile environment. Complex software ecosystems are rigid and are slowing down operations and are holding back innovation.

The laboratory is turning into a digital ecosystem.

We help you make sense of it.

Single source of truth

Ubiquitous Connectivity. We connect to all entities in the lab and enable other systems in the lab to benefit from our data.

Full device integration

With our tech stack we enable real device plug-n-play and you gain control and access to the data of every device in your lab from a single application.

Next-gen Protocols

With standardised building blocks, protocols become interchangeable, definitive, and machine-readable.

Complete traceability

Every action performed by a human or a device is tracked making audit trail generation easy.

Statistics & Analysis

Compare current with past data and analyse execution times and device usage.

Cloud Application

Our cloud application connects to your lab with edge gateway technology. No expensive maintenance, no lengthy setup times.