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Our mission is to empower life scientists with accessible automation solutions they can use everywhere, everyday!

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We are a modern software technology company that focuses on developing easy-to-use, reusable and flexible automation that adapts to the changing requirements in everyday life science research. We take pride in giving our customers the ability to add devices and repurpose the laboratory automation systems without further assistance or service fees. We believe that by employing latest robotic and networking technologies we can offer a more capable, flexible and easier to use product.

Control any instrument from a web browser

UniteLabs has developed a free tool, SiLA 2 Browser, to discover and control any SiLA 2 compatible instrument in the network from a web browser. This is the easiest way to experience the benefits of SiLA 2, test and develop your own SiLA 2 based solutions and demonstrate the lab of the future.

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Crowdfunded open source SiLA 2 drivers

UniteLabs has committed to bring our SiLA 2 drivers available for free and with an open source code whenever possible. Don't reinvent the wheel, but build on top of our free SiLA 2 solutions available on the SiLA website. We are crowdfunding the development of these drivers to build a public library of SiLA 2 compatible instruments. By sharing your interest via our crowdfunding form, we will be able to split the price tag with the interested parties and make the drivers available at a fraction of the typical cost.

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Speciality in mobile solutions

The UniteLabs team

SalesBusiness Development

Oskari is truly a jack of all trades. His background spans from synthetic biology and biotechnology to mathematics, computational science and bioinformatics. He's well versed backend and front end developer with experience as a founding member of two previous startups in Finland.


Max loves to combine the latest technologies with business opportunities. With his diverse background in management and robotics, he automated tasks in various industries and countries. He also worked on cutting edge drone technologies both in academia and industry.

Software Engineer

Ricardo is an all-round software engineer with a passion for building a product with a tight focus on the customer. He has worked with web technologies, digital marketing, release engineering and embedded systems for automated driving technologies.

Software Engineer

Nuno is a software engineer designing the user experience and engagement with UniteLabs solutions. Nuno masters visual communications and storytelling and he has been working in the past in visual effects for the movie making industry. On top of this, he's a talented full-stack web developer with an entrepreneurial mind.

Business Developer

Joanna is a scientist turned business developer enthusiastic about solving customers’ complex challenges. In her role, she leverages both entrepreneurial and investment experience combined with extensive life science knowledge ranging from microbiology to epigenetics and synthetic biology.

Software Engineer

We are looking for talent in software engineering, from recent graduates to seasoned experts. Join our adventure and the international, encouraging team of talented scientists and engineers. Applications from anywhere in Europe are welcome! Check our careers page for more information.


Wega breakfast event

September 2018

UniteLabs will be giving a talk with the title: "Lab of the future: IoT & Digital Transformation are changing the way we work and experiment." We will demonstrate live how laboratory instruments can be controlled by smart phones and discuss what kind of changes automation will bring in today's laboratories. Register to the event here.

SLAS Europe

June 2018

Joanna joined the UniteLabs forces and visited the first SLAS Europe event, representing UniteLabs. This was a deep dive to latest lab automation solutions and building relations with instrument vendors. SiLA 2 was gathering more and more interest as the release of the new standard draws near.

SLAS Zürich

May 2018

UniteLabs was participating the first SLAS event in Switzerland. We were also epresenting SiLA consortium to introduce the exciting upcoming standard in lab automation and its new capabilities. We're very much looking forward to the first SLAS Europe conference in Belgium. Let us know if you will be there!

UniteLabs in France: ELRIGfr

May 2018

UniteLabs was tapping into the French lab automation scene at ELRIGfr in Strasbourg! This was a great opportunity to meet future partners and potential customers in lab automation at our neighbour country. We can highly recommend this conference as its small size, close community and good food prepares a great opportunity for networking.

Finnish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

April 2018

"IoT and the Future of Automation" was the topic of UniteLabs' presentation at the business lunch meeting of Finnish-Swiss chamber of commerce. It was great to bring some startup atmosphere to the restaurant Zum Grünen Glas in Zürich.

Computer vision and the Swiss Symposium on Lab Automation

March 2018

UniteLabs was showcasing how computer vision and laboratory automation fit together. The annual symposium is organised at HSR in Rapperswil and it expolers the topics in new hardware and automation solutions for laboratories.

UniteLabs at Paperless Lab Academy

March 2018

UniteLabs was present at Paperless Lab Academy 2018 showcasing SiLA 2 in Baveno, by the beautiful lake Maggiore in Italy. The conference is focused on information systems for laboratories to store the experimental data in a reliable manner. We were demonstrating how SiLA 2 works as the standard for both automation and data capture. Thanks to Wega Informatik for sharing the booth and providing the opportunity!

UniteLabs at SLAS

February 2018

UniteLabs was showcasing the exciting advantages of the new SiLA 2 standard in technical hack sessions. In addition, we showcased supporting libraries in all major languages so you can use it in your future lab automation projects and products.

New team members

January 2018

Welcome David and Ricardo! David had a autonomous delivery robot startup, Deep TC, and joined us as a Software Architect taking care of reliable and scalable software development. Ricardo was working on system integration for self-driving cars in Ireland, and will now tackle lab automation challenges as the first software engineer at UniteLabs. Additionally, we have support from Nuno and Benjamin as software engineering interns.

UniteLabs incorporated

November 2017

We incorporated UniteLabs to start collaboration with our first customer, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals. We're excited to set our base at ETH D-BSSE in Basel, the heart of European pharma and biotech!

ETH Pioneer Fellowship

August 2017

Max and Oskari started the ETH Pioneer Fellowship to build business on top of the laboratory automation research done at ETH D-BSSE. The grant has been awarded as a result of a competitive process and represents an amount of CHF 150k as well as access to ETH facilities for the next 12 months.

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